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Serve man as God. Spiritual power is life, meditate to be embosomed with super power. Super Power unites with almighty and, enlightened one can awake the society. This is the ultimate aim of Guruji. Yug shakti Ashram – Yug Shakti Dham Yoga Vedanta, Gujarat, Ashram, Guru, Hinduism,Spiritual, Cultural and Community Services Yoga, Bhajan, Spriritual India,Yug Shakti Ashram.Pujya Guruji SHRI Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj Brief Introduction Of His Holiness Yug shakti Ashram Yoga Vedanta

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Gurukul is a residential school that is a home for more than 200+ students. Gurukul combines first-class teaching and world-class facilities with traditional values in the idyllic, tranquil surroundings of the beautiful countryside.

We offer an Education that instills self-assurance and a passion for learning that stays with children for the rest of their lives. Education is holistic that imparts global knowledge as well as instills in the students the virtues, right attitude and approach to lead a fulfilling and balanced life. The Gurukul stands out for not only giving wings but also keeping the children grounded by inculcating morals, ethics, values, and respect for our rich culture.


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Thousands of poor patients & families outside hospitals go hungry

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Benefits of Yoga​

First-Hand Experience With the Benefits of Yoga
I myself have experienced yoga’s healing power in a very real way. Weeks before a trip to India in 2002 to investigate yoga therapy, I developed numbness and tingling in my right hand. After first considering scary things like a brain tumor and multiple sclerosis, I figured out that the cause of the symptoms was thoracic outlet syndrome, a nerve blockage in my neck and chest.Despite the uncomfortable symptoms, I realized how useful my condition could be during my trip. While visiting various yoga therapy centers, I would submit myself for evaluation and treatment by the various experts I’d arranged to observe. I could try their suggestions and see what worked for me. While this wasn’t exactly a controlled scientific experiment, I knew that such hands-on learning could teach me things I might not otherwise understand.“…for more than a year, I’ve been free of symptoms.”


Thousands of poor patients & families outside hospitals go hungry
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Shri Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj

“Early Life” – Guruji was born in North India.
Guruji” completed Law graduation in north India. He appeared in Union Public Service Commission and UPPSC. In The meantime he met many eminent spiritual leaders, who inspired and led his life & vision towards universal truth and supernatural power. Thus, he could enlighten himself for the whole of mankind.
For the deep thinking and study of real spiritual values, he moved to holy places of Himalayas where he got Spiritual Empowerment. He passed many years of various worship and meditation workshops. He studied the real values of the great “YOGA”, “VEDANTA”, “THE HOLY BIBLE”,“KURAN” and many more valuable and holy epic & Literature of other religions. This made his vision broad for the entire mankind and one supernatural existence in the universe.
So now his vision and deep thinking came in action, using the power of God and helping disciples to cope up with the dilemma of life and serve mankind. His entire aim is just to serve exemplary service of Spirituality, social, economical, physical and growth for the entire mankind. He strongly believes that we all are correlated to each other as the rules of correlativity by the great scientist Sir Albert IanStine. The whole universe is being operated by one and only one supernatural power. Let’s make one belief, one family and one vision for the peace, progress and wealth of the world. In short, he is a spiritual scientist and visionary with universal vision, human values, social standards, and economical growth.

We need progress and growth with Peace and real Social Values that he believes. Universal religion is the basic power we need everywhere. Service to mankind is worship to God. Let us make unity for one vision and one worldwide family. We all are the son of God…Holy Bible says. The world needs someone who sacrifices himself for the world. Let’s make the experience to realize the eternal truth from our soul to supernatural power. Let’s make a vision for his mission for global family, global environment and global business. Where everyone can realize real peace in mind

He decided to formalize his spiritual work, by opening an Ashram / Dham using the power of God and help disciples to cope up with the dilemma of life and serve mankind.
Presently “Guruji” is Residing in Ahemdabad and regularly upcoming with the Spiritual Work for mankind with Meditation Camp/Spiritual lectures/Satsang, and Perusing Non-Profitable NGOs and now formed a Spiritual Club worldwide under the Name of “YUGSHAKTI SPIRITUAL CLUB”.

“आत्मा को परमात्मा की अनुभूति”
“मनुष्य की ईश्वर भाव से सेवा”

Serve man as God. Spiritual power iS life meditate to be embosomed with a superpower. Super Power unites with almighty, and enlightened one can awake the society. This is the ultimate aim of Guruji.

“Guruji” Vision is to create …

E-MAIL : guruji@yugshaktidham.org

A Spiritual Powerhouse, Meditation in tranquil serenity, Pure Pious environment, four-tier meditation system, the enlightenment of Individual and society, service to mankind and global family.”