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About Me

Yug Shakti Dham by Gurudev Shree Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj

Yugshaktidham By Gurudev Shri Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj
This page is being presented to you just to introduce to you our Beloved & Respected Gurudev Shree Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj
who is specialized is in Shree Shakti and Shiv Sadhana including Dhyan Yog and Spirituality. All such guidance will help the devotee/disciple in sorting and solving their problems. Interested may please contact for further programming.

जय गुरुदेव
यह पेज हमारे पूजनीय व आदरणीय गुरुदेव श्री शिवयोगी युक्तानंद जी महाराज
को आप के सम्पर्क मैं लाने के लिए निर्माण किया गया है | श्री गुरु जी श्री शक्ति व शिव साधना के आलावा ध्यानयोग व अद्ध्यात्मिकता मैं विसेषता रखते है |आपनी कोई भी प्रकार की समस्या व बाधा के निवारण के लिए आप उन से संपर्क कर सकते है |

Yug Shakti Dham

Gurudev Shri Shivyogi Yuktanandji Maharaj
Brief Introduction Of His Holiness

“Early Life” -Born in North India Guruji completed Law graduation there. He appeared in Union Public Service Commission and UPPSC. In The meantime he met many eminent spiritual leaders, who inspired and led his life & vision towards universal truth and supernatural power. Thus, he could enlighten himself for the whole mankind.
Name of Organisation
Yug Shaktidham
Ramdevnagar, Gujarat, India

Education and Literacy
Type of Organisation
Non-Profit, Trust
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Yoga Instructor




Shivyogi Yuktanandji (YOGIRAJ MAHARAJ)
Chairman at Shakti Niketan Research Foundation Trust


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